Bringing a rich tapestry of skills and experiences, I am a dynamic professional known for my strategic insights in technology, investment, and advisory roles.

Dynamic and Engaging for Meaningful Conversations

Speaker and Moderator

As a minister from Mt Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, Barlow brings a unique blend of spiritual insight and practical wisdom to various speaking engagements. Renowned as a sought-after moderator and host, he specializes in panels and motivational events, creating spaces for powerful dialogue and inspirational learning. Barlow’ speaking engagements focus on uplifting and empowering communities through faith, leadership, and activism.

Along with partners, I lead a series of roundtables across the nation. We are on a mission to create a brighter and more equitable future. Our vision revolves around three key pillars: Health and Safety, Equity, and Freedom. 


With a tailored approach, Barlow serves as a high-level trainer and CEO coach, specializing in small retreats and intimate conferences. Barlow’s sessions are not about quantity but quality, focusing on church groups, non-profits, and campaign advocacy events. 

With a commitment that extends beyond the pulpit, Barlow actively engages in advocacy and community campaigns. By combining spiritual leadership with a passion for social justice, tangible differences are made in the lives of individuals and communities.

Jonathan Barlow


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